From Start Line to......Finish

From Start Line to......Finish

From Start Line to......FinishFrom Start Line to......Finish

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About K9 Nose Work ®

What is K9 Nose Work ®

Any dog can learn K9 Nose Work. The training methodology is designed to help pet dogs tap into their hunting instinct and learn independent problem-solving skills.  Dogs start by searching for their favorite treats hidden in a variety of environments.  Once they understand the game, the target odors, which consist of birch, anise, and clove are then introduced to the dog.   Dogs learn how to search for the specific odors, and then are driven to its source. They are then rewarded by their handler.   

Some of the many benefits of K9 Nose Work are:

  • Dogs burn lots of mental & physical energy doing searches
  • Searches can be done anywhere you can take your dog
  • No prior training is required and no obedience is needed
  • In classes, dogs work one at a time and rest safely in your vehicle between searches so reactive dogs can enjoy the activity too.
  • Shy or fearful dogs build confidence and overactive dogs put their energy into fun searches
  • Stronger bond between dog & handler as handler learns to observe, understand, and rely upon his dog 

A little bit about me

I have been teaching K9 Nose Work® since 2015 and competing with four of my dogs all over the country since 2011.    I am currently an ANWI with the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) and teach classes in Sonoma County CA.  I teach all levels of classes from beginning up to Summit Level, which is the highest attainable level. Many of my students successfully compete with their dogs in all levels and many have received placement awards. If you are interested in nose work please contact us and we can talk about classes.

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